Corporate Training

Corporate Training-

In today’s highly competitive, dynamic and continuously evolving business environment, companies frequently find skill gaps in its workforce. New challenges emerge every now and then. As SAP has a wide range of applications, its implementation pose a number challenges because the client’s requirements differ in each case. Newcomers need to be made job-ready and old ones are required to be upgraded to take on new challenges while implementing SAP projects. IT and ITeS tools and techniques serve as only enablers in such a scenario.

We come in the picture here. We have designed a range of corporate SAP trainings looking at the challenges of specific domains. Our SAP trainers have decade long experience in their domains. We are a leading corporate training provider and consulting company. Our services are business-driven and competitive. Our clients have been efficiently managing cost and timeline with our support over the years.

When you contact us for upgrading your consultants’ skills, our SAP specialists visit your team and carry out training needs analysis (TNA) by discussing the challenges with the consultants working on the project. After detailed discussion with the consultants and the management, they identify the skill gaps and design a training program. The customized training program was then delivered by a SAP specialist having expertise in that particular domain. The trainer remains with your team for the period as decided and conduct the training to address those challenges. Our trainers won’t leave your team until your consultants gain a hold on the solutions.

Throughout our history, we have been expanding our SAP corporate trainings and capitalizing on evolving management trends and upgraded technologies for the benefits of our customers. We are a cutting edge SAP corporate training service provider. We offer a number customized corporate training to clients across the globe. You can count on us for identifying your SAP related challenges and design an appropriate training program for your consultants. Our experts are competent enough to help your consultants to enhance their skills and help your company to move ahead on a growth path. Several of top MNCs have made us a most favored partner for their corporate training programs.

Our SAP training programs address skill gaps in particular domains. As you know IT industry is highly dynamic and continuously evolving in terms technology and market requirements. Hence, there is always a skill gap in the industry. Companies continuously need to upgrade the skills of their workforce. Therefore, we focus on the practical aspect of the topic. Once your employees are through with the training, they find themselves on a higher level. They become ready to work in a team and help the company to achieve its objectives.

Our SAP training is offered by the experts who have been in business for over a decade. Their hands-on SAP experience makes them one of the best trainers in the world. We are providing corporate training across the globe for all kinds SAP projects and company’s requirements.

Look at some of the prime features of our training program.

·         We provide SAP corporate training as per the client’s needs.

·         We have trained more than 1500+ employees from top MNCs.

·         We offer practice sessions along with training to hone the skills.

·         We offer technical support even after training completion.

·         We also offer a crash course after the completion of training, if required

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Our Corporate Training Clients

  • Your SAP training got me the speed I badly needed. My slow speed was affecting my performance. I was on the verge of losing my job. You save me. I’ll surely take up another course when I need.

    -   Christopher Pappas, A manufacturing MNC, Australia

  • Your training module was rocking. It touched all the relevant points. We will take up another module in future.

    -   Dora Martini, Operation Manager, A big conglomerate, USA 

  •  I took up the functional training. It helped me to clear all doubts which were a big challenge to me.

    -   Irfan Shaikh, SAP consultant, A big logistics company, UAE

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