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What Is SAP BPC Training-

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) tool is used to support all operational and financial activities in an organization. SAP BPC helps in automating and streamlining business forecast, planning, and consolidation activities in your organization.

SAP BPC supports two types of migration - SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft Excel. BPC with Microsoft version enables you to perform modeling, application maintenance, importing data and applying transformations, creating scripts, etc. It leverages the power of MS Excel and provides the user with an Enterprise Power Management (EPM) solution, collaborative tool with robust, readily accepted environment

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Course Content


Introduction- Business Planning and Consolidation

Concepts and Objects in BPC Administration

Business Objects – Overview and Advantages of BO PC

Business Planning and Consolidation –Some Modeling Aspects


Environment Management

Dimension Management

Creating Models



 EPM Client – Microsoft Office Excel

Create a Report

Create a Input Form


Enable Comments

Input and Retrieve Comments

 Multi-Reporting and Axis Sharing

Create a Multi-Reporting Spread Sheet

Share axis from one report with another report

SAP EPM 10.0 add-in

Creating a Planning and Consolidation Connection


Dynamic formatting

Link a formatting sheet to one or several reports

EPM Function to apply formats

EPM Cell-based formulas

EPMAxisOverride Cell-based formula

EPMDimensionOverride Cell-based formula

EPMInsertCellsBeforeAfterBlock Cell-based formula


Create a Book Template

Validate the Book Template

Publish a book to the Web Library

View the book in the Book Viewer


New Web Client

Create a Planning and Consolidation Web Report

Change the Report Behavior

Add a Chart to Report

Create a Web Input Form

Entering Comments via Web

Creating Document Types and Sub Types

Data Acquisition, Transformation, ECC and BW

Data Acquisition, Transformations, Packages, and Package Links

Working with Logic Scripts

Logic Script and Online Execution

Logic Script and Central Execution

Logic Script and Allocation

Logic Script and ABAP Integration

Dimension Member Formulas


Drill Through

New Drill Through features

Create a new Drill Through

Specify the specific parameters of a Drill Through

Delete any parameter

Test Drill Through

 Business Process Flows

How to manage Life Cycle of BPF Instances: Create/Start, Suspend, Reset, Archive

How to manage assignment of Process and Activity Instances

E-Mail notification

Crystal Dashboards

Design a Dashboard and Export it to Flash format in SAP Business Objects dashboard design

Insert a Flash object into a report

Publish a Flash objects into the Web

Creating Crystal Dashboards Using EPM Connector

Explain Crystal Dashboards functions with BPC Data

Display the content of a .txt file stored in Content Library

Input data in BPC from Dashboards


 Word and Powerpoint Integration

Explain MS Word Integration with BPC 10.0

Explain MS PPT Integration with BPC 10.0

BPC 7.5 Migration

How to migrate BPC 7.5 Reports built with former EV Functions

How to migrate BPC 7.5 EVDRE Reports


Work Status


Work Spaces

BOPC 10.0, NW Consolidation

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